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Why protect your copyright?

Copyright is an essential weapon for any author to ensure the commercial success of their creative work. Yet it is the easiest right to abuse without taking crucial protective measures. Although copyright exists automatically in an original work of authorship, the creator cannot enforce exclusive rights during litigation in a court of law. That’s why authors have attempted to fix the act of creation through various means of copyright registration - via attorneys or by mailing sealed envelopes containing the original copy of the work to themselves.

AETIS platform offers the most contemporary and convenient way to secure copyright for creative work. Using state-of-the-art blockchain technology, creators and companies can register copyrighted original works instantly from the comfort of their homes, studios, or offices.


Copyright registration is the only way to save authors from redundant legal troubles and unforeseen expenses in case of litigation. The registration process is instant and fully digital, resulting in an unforgeable proof of authorship.

What types of copyright can be protected?

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Any creative product or an item of Intellectual Property can be copyrighted.

Articles, texts in the original language, or translations

Literary works

Music, songs, samples

Films, animations, music videos, screenplays

Online courses and webinars

Educational materials and textbooks

Scientific works and technologies

Software and websites

Photos and paintings

Design layouts and illustrations

Models and technical drawings

Business plans and strategies

What types of copyright can be protected?

Who Uses AETIS

Instant Protection Guarantee

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology

Entries stored in the GEChain distributed ledger cannot be forged or modified. Each digital copy of the original work is assigned a unique hash address in the blockchain ecosystem - a unique identifier fixing the author’s information and upload time for eternity.


We store an identical digital copy of the original creative work in an encrypted vault in private file storage. Contents of the vault can only be accessed using a unique encryption key generated during the initial upload.
Cryptographic Security

Cryptographic Security

Date and time stamps provided by GEChain distributed ledger guarantee cryptographic protection on the territory of Georgia, while the OriginStamp database covers the European Union and the USA.

Copyright Registration Certificate

certificate example
The certificate includes the following:

QR сode for locating your file in blockchain distributed ledger

For easier access to the vault where the digital copy of work is stored
Сopyright Protection
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Paper certificate delivery (Georgia only)
Premium certificate

Calculate protection fee

File size

File storage period


Electronic signature

Type of certificate

Electronic certificate in PDF format

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