Intellectual Property Protection Platform For Creative Industries

What is AETIS?

AETIS is a digital platform designed to support the growth and development of businesses and individuals working in creative industries, such as music, art, design, film, and advertising, by providing them with online tools, and resources, to protect their Intellectual Property Rights almost instantly. AETIS brings together innovative technology and IP protection experts worldwide to lay the foundation for the global expansion of creative industries, culture and innovative businesses.

Intellectual Property Protection Platform For Creative Industries

Integrating blockchain technology with instant IP protection services makes AETIS a turnkey solution for most Intellectual Property owners and their customers.

Private and Secure

AETIS security is guaranteed by innovative blockchain technology. Each digital copy of the original creative work is stored safely in a private GEChain vault.

International partners

Our Swiss partner OriginStamp ensures IP rights protected on AETIS platform are secured beyond Georgian borders in the EU and US.

Fully Digital, Fully Remote

AETIS team is working around the clock to expand the list of digital services offered.

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